About iREAP

NTrust's iREAP™ : Comprehensive Real Estate Lease Data Repository with Strategic Decision Support

iREAP™ is a comprehensive real estate lease administration application, that not only helps shore up your company's bottom-line by controlling costs, but also helps you analyze your portfolio from a strategic viewpoint. iREAP™ makes everything from managing critical dates and reconciling year-end CAM bills, to generating comprehensive reports and interfacing with your AP/AR system, a highly efficient, and pleasant exercise. Most importantly, iREAP™ is backed by NTrust's industry-leading professional services backoffice that will help you in abstracting and migrating data to iREAP™, creating context-sensitive bookmarks for lease documents from within the application, and customize each software module to your exact needs. iREAP™ is built on NTrust's decade long expertise in addressing lease administration needs for a wide variety of segments.

iREAP™ is the first Web-based Enterprise Lease Management Software built completely from the ground up. Contact Us for the complete Brochure and product Data Sheet for iREAP™

  Microsoft .Net Architecture
Web based Service Oriented Architecture
XML Configuration
  XML based Webservices Interfaces
Two way Information Exchange
Supports conventional Import/Export
  Supports Oracle 8.x, 9.x, 10g
Supports SQL Server 2005, 2008
  Single Sign-on compatible
Separate Business Rules and Data
Access Tiers
  Designed at the component level for integration with other systems
Meta data model for ease of report writing