Bundled Services

NTrust provides a turnkey solution for all your lease data needs. From implementing iREAP™, to abstracting all real estate leases into iREAP™, to maintaining and updating your data year around - NTrust is the most trusted partner.

Bundled services with NTrust's iREAP™ implementation include the following;

A. Consolidation of Lease Data Sources:

  • The information that you need in order to effectively manage your leases come from various data sources
  • These data sources include:
    • Lease agreements (from landlord/internal legal),
    • Accounting data (Rent rolls, expenses, insurance, tax authorities),
    • Legal documents (negotiation documents amendments, renewals, bank guarantees, etc.)
  • There is a constant stream of information from these sources that needs to be captured in one central place.
  • Besides the initial setup of core lease data, ongoing lease changes, accounting transactions related to the property, as well as all legal documents need specific workflows to make sure the data is always updated.

B. Implement iREAP

NTrust customizes the implementation of iREAP™ for every client. This ensures that your unique business needs are reflceted in the implementation of iREAP™ that you company uses. Not only does this provide you with unparalleled flexibility, but also snychronizes harmoniously with your existing processes and procedures, thus keeping the "hidden" implementation costs at your end to the minimum.

NTrust can provide iREAP™ as a secure hosted (SaaS model) solution, or as in in-house enterprise implementation on your servers within your own IT infrastructure.

C. Lease Data Services

  • Keep Data Current all the time
    • Capture data changes at source as it happens
    • Maintain data change history
  • Ensure that Data is Correct all the time
    • Workflows for all critical data changes
    • Multiple approval levels before committing transactions
  • Provide Relevant Data to all users all the time
    • Rendering all reports from a SINGLE repository
    • Data level (In addition to screen level) access permissions
  • Provide Strategic MIS Support to Business
    • Being proactive on lease options
    • To enable effective Budgeting
    • Providing  Data Analytics on Demand
  • Integrationd with your organizations’ various software systems
    • Two-way data exchange with Accounting system
    • Dynamically linking with Property Management System