Power Features

100% Fully Secure Remote Access
  iREAP™ is Web-based and securely accessible by users from anywhere at any time. No software to download, and all you need is a web browser.
Totally Automated Email Reminders
  iREAP™ has a versatile and highly configurable email alert system. It allows you setup a workflow around these alerts, ensuring that there's always someone keeping an eye on them. Never miss a critical date again.
DASHBOARD for every User
  When you login to iREAP™ you'll be greeted by your own configurable information interface that can include what you or your team are working on, critical dates and issues, even strategic reporting of your portfolio in numbers or in a graph or chart.
Interface with AP/AR System
  Web-Service interfaces across the application allow you to have a seamless two-way interface with a variety of systems. iREAP™ can send data to or receive data from your ERP, Accounting, Finance, or Sales systems.
Strategic Decision Support
  iREAP™ was designed to automate the drudgery of lease administration in order to allow Real Estate departments to spend more time developing and implementing effective Real Estate strategies for their companies. iREAP™ has a full complement of high powered reporting tools available for Lease Administrators, Real Estate Executives, and C-level officers alike, enabling them to develop and implement more effective strategies.
Document Linking/Bookmarking
  Access leases documents, amendments, drawings, or any other document that you have scanned, with absolute precision, from within the application. iREAP™'s context-sensitive document linking capability makes sure that you are not more than a couple of mouse clicks away from the actual lease language embedded in a multi-page document. No more rummaging through reams of lease documents just to be able to verify the language for a specific clause.
Shared Custom Filters and Searches
  Now you can share your custom filters and searches across your business unit so everyone can look at the same information in a common format. No more printing and emailing reports just so you can have a discussion. Your team members can setup views to share with every other member, and even save and re-use them at will.
Service Tax
  In iREAP™ you can configure the service tax and any other sub items like Education Cess, Higher Education Cess with different effective dates and percentages. It provides you the flexibility in applying this service tax or any other add-on to the required receivables and effectively track and report on the service tax amounts collected.
Online Context Sensitive Help
  Help, when and where you want it. With iREAP™ the context sensitive help takes right to the information you want based on the screen you're using.