Why iReap

Now corporate real estate executives and professional property managers can reap the rewards of having a comprehensive Lease, Portfolio, and Asset management system with NTrust's Real Estate Asset and Portfolio Manager™ (iREAP™). iREAP™ is a customized version of NTrust’s current industry leading real estate software, REAP™ - a leading solution for major corporations and retail industry.

REAP™ is a Comprehensive Solution for Real Estate Executives in a Variety of Industries
Corporate Real Estate Departments
  (Automated email alerts and powerful reporting make managing your portfolio and regulatory compliance a snap)
Telecommunications Companies
  (Tracking latitude, longitude and elevation of towers, rich descriptions of infrastructure and the scalability to track tens of thousands of leases make iREAP™ a natural fit)
Retail Chains
  (Processing multi-tier percent rent payments, applying co-tenancy rules, tracking Go Dark dates and much more)
Distribution/Transportation Companies
  (Detailed facility area break down and granular expense attribution allows tight management of all your facilities)
Restaurant Chains
  (Easy portfolio assignment by region, restaurant type or other attributes makes monthly reporting a breeze)